Skies To Eternity


S3D (Stereo 3D) - Animation. - Duration: 30 min.
Narrated in English, Greek.

Skies To Eternity is a stereoscopic animated film on the history of aviation from antiquity to present times. More than 40 aircraft and flying devices will be presented in real action.

From Icarus and Leonardo Da Vinci, to early dirigibles, to air balloons, Wright brothers and biplanes to the first hydroplanes, the notorious Dakota DC3, the Constellation, Boeing 707, the first Jets, to the Apollo 11 moon landing, from the Concorde, the SR71, F4, MIG 21, Mirage to the Airbus A300, Boeing 747 to the Space Shuttle buses and the International Space Station and many more...

Skies to Eternity is a film about the 'dream of flying'... about 'achieving the impossible', against human nature...

It is a film that highlights the most important evolution steps of aviation in an action, entertainment, as well as educational film.

Suitable for Entertainment Parks, Attraction Film Theatres, 4D theatres, as well as TV Broadcast.

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