Egnatia Highway


A stereoscopic 3D film, produced by Icon Plus for the Greek Ministry of Enviroment and Egnatia Odos S.A.

A gigantic infrastructural work of 670 km in a 15 min stereoscopic film.

In the morning of August 1st 2009, Ulysses Raptopoulos sets for a journey from Alexandoupoli to Igoumenitsa on his motorcycle. This is his first day of vacations and he wants to catch the boat to Italy, early in the same afternoon.

Egnatia Highway is the first high standard highway that crosses Greece horizontally, bridging five prefectures: Thrace, Central Macedonia, Thessaly, West Macedonia and Epirus.

Six hours after his departure, Ulysses enters the boat to Italy. Travelling via the Egnatia highway he experienced the gigantic infrastructural project in its entity. Egnatia Highway is not only a magnificent highway. Most importantly Egnatia has created a communication channel between million of Greeks

Watch a video sample of the movie.

You will need a pair of stereoscopic 3d glasses.