Film Recording / Video To Film Transfer - What We Do

Video To Film Transfer Overview
The company's experience and the ABLEST video to film transfer system

Since 1989, ICON PLUS has acquired extensive experience in the "video to film transfer procedure" of any PAL digital or analogue, standard definition or High Definition (HDV, HDCAM, HD, DVCPRO HD etc) video to 35mm film transfer, as well as in computer generated images, or any image sequences, Quicktime, or AVI to 35mm film transfer.

Icon Plus applies the video to film transfer via new ABLEST systems. The new systems provide faster, cheaper and better results, and are able to transfer up to High Definition Video as well as processed images and digital effects, to 35mm negative film.

At ICON PLUS we firmly believe, and can prove it to our clients through tests, that the final quality of our video, image sequence, computer images, quicktime, AVI, to 35mm film transfer application, as well as the surround or stereo final sound mix, are more than just impeccable. Accompanied by our financial terms, they are unbeatable.

Capture and increase of the video's analysis
Video (digital or analogue, standard definition or High Definition (HDV, HDCAM, HD, DVCPRO HD etc) is captured uncompressed and image processing is applied to every single frame. Computer generated images or any image sequences, Quicktime or AVI, are also processed frame by frame. Ablest is able to increase each image's analysis up to 2.5K, while allowing for chromatic and tonal balance control. This procedure offers significantly better results than any other application transferring in real time.

What should the image of your video look like to get the best results?
A common question is "What should the chromatic and tonal balance of my video images be to get the best results when transferring it to 35mm film?"

Ablest is the video to film transfer system that provides the simplest answer to the question:
You just deliver a PAL video, digital or analogue, standard definition or 24p, 25p, 50i High Definition (HDV, HDCAM, HD, DVCPRO HD, etc) to be transferred to 35mm film transfer, as well as computer generated images, or any image sequence of various formats, Quicktime, or AVI, that meets your aesthetic approach when seen on a reference monitor (during post production). We do the rest.

We believe that the most reliable reference for the image's quality is the image that you see on a reference monitor. Icon Plus does not follow the procedure of other studios requesting you to create a "peculiar image" during shooting or post production, or even via software that primes your video for their systems.

Our advice and pre-processing requirements in order to transfer using Icon Plus' Ablest system, are simple: focus on creating an excellent image, satisfying and meeting your needs when viewed on a reference monitor.

Image processing and tests
Ablest provides the ability to process the images at various stages of production. That is why Icon Plus can run a free video to film transfer test of your movie, so that you can see if the application's results meet your needs, and compare it with others run by similar laboratories operating all over the world. Consequently, Icon Plus' Ablest transferring system can rectify technical video faults often found in some video sequences.