TV Productions - What We Do
Television Productions
  • TV show for Christmas Eve. ALPHA CHANNEL, 1993.
  • TV show for New Year's Eve. ALPHA CHANNEL, 1994.
  • Weekly TV Game "Mystery Case" (based on a 15 min fiction). ERT-ET3 1995.
  • Weekly TV Game "Mystery Train" (based on a 15 min fiction). ERT- ET2 1995.
  • As a partner with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the E.U. LINGUA project in 1995 and for the SOCRATES project in 1996, ICON produced the 24 episode series of educational programmes "In the land of Aristotle" of total duration 12 hours.
The co-op "ICON - TERREMA" was funded by the E.U. 10th Directorate Action Plan for the production of 4 hourly documentaries in video 625 16:9 format. Screened by ERT-NET, 1997- 1998.
Production of the Documentary "City, a different view", ICON - ERT-ET3.
Archeological Documentary "The Makrigialou Pre-historic Dwellings".

Productions. Documentaries & Video Presentations
2003 EUROMEDICA video presentation for the Euromedica Clinic.
2003 "Conference on the future of European Cinema" video presentation for the conference organized by the Ministry of Culture in Thessalonica as well as for the concurrent conference on the future of audiovisual media in Europe.
2002 HELLENIC PETROLEUM, video presentation of the polypropylene production unit. Edited from a footage shoot in a two years time period by Icon Plus (2001&2002).
2002 "Robolab" video presentation of a computerized machinery for "ΤΑΛΩΣ" SA
2002 "NIGBO YOGZEE" video presentation of a microscope for ATMATZIDES SA
2002 "Spyros Vougias" three thematic video presentations for the candidate of the Thessalonica mayoral elections
2002 "Spyros Vougias" video presentation for the candidate of the Thessalonica mayoral elections
2002 EKBY (GREEK CENTER FOR THE BIOTOPES), Museum of Moudania, Producer: Goulandris Foundation. Production of three documentaries (undersea shooting). Planning and supervising the installation (software & hardware) for the simultaneous on schedule projections and for the synchronization of the multilateral show.
2001 EPTAPYRGIO (MONUMENT / MUSEUM IN THESSALONICA), production of documentary presenting the monument / museum of eptapyrgio in Thessaloniki for the exhibition "Byzantine memories, Eptapyrgio 2001"
2000. Production of the Documentary for the Lefkada Municipality, entitled: "TRAVELLING TO LEFKADA".
2000. Five thematic video Presentations for all of the NEA DEMOKRATIA (Greek Political Party) conventions.
2000 "Spyros Vougias" Three thematic video presentations for the candidate of the Thessalonica mayoral elections
2000 Video presentation for the GREEK RAILWAY ORGANIZATION.

1999. Documentary for the The sewerage Organisation of Thessalonica.
1999. Documentary for the The water & sewerage Organisation & the Water Museum of Thessalonica
1999. Documentaries "Help at home" and "Rolling at school" for the Ministry of Internal Affairs
1999 & 2000. Two (2) documentaries for JANSEN - CILAG (Branding)